About to sell my 5s. Any tips/things to look for?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by deadgame01, Oct 13, 2014.

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    Sep 11, 2014
    I posted my unlocked 5s on Craigslist and many interested people have responded to the ad. Honestly, I am a little leery of meeting up with people & making cash deals. I have proposed meeting at the Apple Store.

    I'm not really worried about getting robbed, but more so of someone dropping counterfeit cash on me of even coming back later saying I sold them a bad device (phone is in pristine condition).

    This my first iPhone sale and I was wondering if anyone can offer me any tips or things to look out for when doing this to help ensure a smooth process.
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    Well if they paid in cash, they can't really do anything about it. If you feel off about a sale, don't go through with it. I've sold 3 phones, 2 on craigslist, the latest on Swappa and it really comes down to communication. Again, if it feels shady, it probably is.
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    Counterfeit "detection" pens are available at any office supply store, or just research how to look at cash to spot counterfeit. It's really not hard. Plus if you do end up with a counterfeit bill that looks so good it fools you it's unlikely you'd have any issue spending it in turn. ;)

    Meeting in the lobby of your local police station should dissuade all but the most stupid of the bad guys who might want to rob you. Plus it should encourage any buyer that you're not a crook or scammer.

    Meeting at an Apple store or at a factory store of their choice of carrier (so they can ensure they can activate it) would be decent options too. You choose the area and do so in daylight.

    Using a Google Voice number for texts/calls solves any issues of potential post-sale harassment by an a-h buyer.

    Also... if going with craigslist remember there are folks looking for the desperate sellers who HAVE to have cash immediately. Just ignore their lowball offers. You'll sometimes also get someone that agrees to the price up front then tries to renegotiate when you meet; just tell them to take a hike. (but also don't tell other inquiring people that it's sold until the deal is done; just tell them there's someone ahead of them and you'll let them know where they stand either way)
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    Counterfeiting is a lot of work. They usually try to get their 'money's worth' by only making 100s. Insist on 10s and 20s only and that risk goes down considerably.

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