About to switch (again)...my computer life story

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    Mar 24, 2007
    New Zealand
    I have used PC's since I can remember, first computer was a 286, then had a 386dx2 66 (wow the power! It ran wolf 3d like you wouldn't believe!).

    Then upgraded to a P1 133 (Awesome power, and great response, I was stoaked to find quake would run with all setting set to low). This was probably my favorite computer I have ever owned. I had a friend who lived locally and we use to play Heretic and doom 2 via modems (My modem called him, his modem replied and we played! Wish you could still do this with modern games, the pings were so good!).

    Anyway, I went to bible college and wanted something a little more powerful so upgraded to a P2 300mhz, was not all that impressed, sure I could now play unreal but that was no big deal to me.

    After bible college (I was about 17 by this time) I did a computer technician course (Finished with highest marks ever recoded in New Zealand for my CompTIA A+ exam!), during this course I built a 1ghz machine. That was my computer for 4 years, I loved it! Awesome computer, windows xp was amazing (Yes I said it, I LOVE windows xp).

    So I turned 21 and decide it's time to see the country, so I move to Christchurch (city in the south island). While here I get a Sony mini DV video camera. I have basically stopped playing games and want to edit video. Needless to say my needs had changed. I started researching good software for video editing on my computer (Windows movie maker didn't cut it). I finally found ilife (imovie) and decided that’s exactly what I wanted! So I went out and brought an emac (Being a student I couldn't really afford anything more). I LOVED this computer so much it isn't funny.

    Anyway, one day while out shooting (with the video camera, not with a gun) I took a fall (I am a mountain unicyclist...well was) and ended up in hospital with a messed up back. I had basically vaporized one of my vertebra during the fall and had to have a fake one put in. Well I was stuck in bed for almost 6 months and would never unicycle again (apparently). Once again my needs had changed. I sold the video camera and the emac and got an hp laptop to use while stuck in bed.

    My experience with the hp laptop is as follows:

    Month 1, Motherboard fails send away for repair
    Month 2, get the laptop back after waiting 5 weeks while it was being fixed
    Month 3, Battery decides to stop working
    Month 4, get laptop back after another 5 weeks
    Month 5, The stupid speakers on the laptop keep giving me electric shocks every time I touch them (They are built into the wrist area so to type you basically have to touch them. I decided I will just live with it and not bother to wait another 5 weeks.
    Month 6, Motherboard fails AGAIN
    Month 7, still waiting
    Month 8, Get computer back, one speaker doesn't work, other does, still get electric shocks
    Month 9, One day while in a very bad mood I throw my laptop off the top of a very tall building. Got sick of it, sick of HP, sick of windows sick of everything.

    I found a good pc on the internet (that I am actually using to write this). Total gem of a computer, unbranded, amd processor, big hard drive, awesome video card, everything I ever wanted!

    Till now!

    I use auto cad for my job and that requires windows. I would have switched back to a Mac sooner but for the AutoCAD thing.

    Now with bootcamp I can use windows on my Mac.

    So I'm getting a white 2.0 GHz c2d Macbook with 2 GB of ram! It's the best of both worlds, I can plug it into my 19" widescreen lcd for my cad work, or unplug it when I’m stuck in bed (I spend about 18 hours a day in bed because of my back problems).

    I have also started unicycling again (about an hour a day, but will never be able to mountain unicycle again, getting into freestyle unicycling), so I will be getting a new video camera (I'm hoping to find an updated model of my old mini dv camera so that I can use the same tapes).

    So alls well that ends well, I’m coming back to Mac at long last, I did miss it!

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    Mar 23, 2007
    Congratulations thesnowman16 for choosing to go Mac. Once you go Mac, you will never go back.
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    Dec 27, 2004
    I, too, switched back to PC and I am now looking to move back to Mac. I love my C2D custom built desktop and I will keep it, but my X60 is just not cutting the mustard. I am going to replace it with a MB or MBP... have not decided yet.
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    Wow! thats quite the story! One thing i don't understand: is this just a blog entry or a question? Oh and I don't know how much space turbocad documents take up but if you are also gonna do video editting again, i suggest you upgrade your hdd on the macbook to at least 120gb hdd that way you can easily boot a 40gb windows partition and have lots of room for movie editing. :)
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    Mar 24, 2007
    New Zealand
    I guess you could call it a blog entry, it was more just a switching story lol

    I don't use turbo cad, I use autocad (Turbocad = $100, autocad ADT = $20,000nz / year) bit of a diffence in the software.

    I will be making a 10gb windows partition and will be storing my data on an external hard drive that is attached to my airport extream base station (formatted to fat32).

    I will be upgrading the hard drive though, raw dv takes lots of space :p
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    whoops sorry..i went on what i remembered reading. I've heard of both software programs. Yes, a bit of a difference. Especially the cost. Good plan with the external. Yes you will want as much space as possible. Once i have the money to spend on my macpro i will be upping the ram and the hard drive space. Video editing is a pig.
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    Mar 24, 2007
    New Zealand
    Yeah I looked into turbo cad but it didn't have anywere near the functionality that i need (otherwise I would have swicted back a couple of years ago).

    On my emac (Very slow computer that it was) I edited a video (Only a 20gb hard drive if I remember correctly) that actauly got played on tv (admitidly only about 5mins of a 25min video (and only the embarising stuff) but I was still able to cut together and edit the whole thing on a very limited computer, I'm sure the macbook will more than fit my requirements. However I can see if people use the more advanced features that resouces could be used very very fast, so I fully understand what you mean about needing more ram and hard drive space lol :apple: Just be glad you don't edit on a windows box like I had to before I got my emac (I only had to put up with this for about a month tho so it wasn't too bad). :apple:
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    well until a year and a half ago I used windows all the time, but i didn't do video editting yet. Now i do. But I have done editting on windows. Movie maker is awful! I still have windows on my MacPro cause I do some gaming from time to time with friends. So the 20gb partition serves as gaming for the odd occasion. I never play games other than with some friends.
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    Oct 11, 2003
    Once you mentioned the X60, you got my attention. I am right now very close to purchasing one. They have a good sale right now (not that they won't soon have a better one).

    So, please, I am very interested to hear all that you have to say about the X60. You must have bought it recently, judging from the specs. Was it not what you expected? I would really appreciate hearing your perspective on this. Why is it not "cutting it"?
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    Jan 11, 2002
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    There's always vectorworks, sketchup, and such :)

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