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    There is a new player in the Mac Privacy Protection market. TicuCise has engineered a product that is feature rich and easy to use. That product is AbruStop.

    The AbruStop Privacy Protection package is a Mac OS X application firewall that protects the customer's private data by preventing, known and unknown, software from secretly establishing a connection to the internet.

    AbruStop has the following features:

    Code Signature Validation
    Multi Protocol Support
    Real Time Configuration
    Connection Intervention
    Unobtrusive Operation
    Connection Unity
    Stealth Mode
    Essential Service Option
    Network Suspension
    Always On
    Resource Friendly
    Network Address Aware

    TicuCise offers an AbruStop 30 day trial license for free. So give it a try and let us know what you think.

    Live demostration available at http://youtu.be/Sup7Ihzfuec

    Visit http://www.ticucise.com/abrustop for more information.

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