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Mar 18, 2018
If I can get $400 for this phone as it is now and then upgrade to a iphone 12, would you recommend this as opposed to pay to get it fixed as I assume the screen and battery will be expensive.

If you can get $400 the way it sits by all means DEFINITELY do it. Worst case, sale it now for the $400 get an iPhone 7 or something to hold you over and upgrade to the 12.


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Aug 2, 2020
I agree with the OP. I was charged for the battery replacement for my expanding battery iPhone X this summer. Thankfully, I did it in the brief period, during which the stores were open.

It’s VERY frustrating to hear that Apple has replaced some free of charge, some for battery replacement fee, and some for full price replacement. It’s unacceptable for this many people to have battery swelling issues and there to be such an inconsistent response.
That’s what I say, also.


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May 13, 2012
Six Rivers, CA
After upgrading my daughter to an 11 Pro, I wanted to replace the battery in her 8+, as it was at 74% capacity. There are local services that can do it, but the nearest Apple store is 3 hours away and I would prefer Apple do it. I spent an hour and a half on the phone with Apple trying to resolve the issue of the 8+ serial number not being recognized by their system online. In the end, after a call back the next day, I was refused service based on my not having the original receipt of purchase for the device. I bought it on Swappa in November ’17 and it had AC+ until 11/19. I had it replaced under AC+ in the spring of ‘18. Why they needed a receipt for a device they actually have, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, but I just wanted to give them more $. Slightly annoyed at the time wasted.
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Nov 2, 2008
Last December I went to the Apple store to replace the battery in my X which was showing as bad, replace, in settings. Even though it was still over 80%. I didn't want to risk continue to use it in case it then bulged.

The store "couldn't" replace it since the screw was stripped. Since I had never messed with it, it was either stripped by them or from the factory. So I ended up buying the 11 since I still could get $400 tradein. While if I waited it would go down in value, and maybe bulge taking away any trade in value. The 11 instead of the 11 Pro since I was upset with Apple. (I wish now I had just spent the extra money for the nicer form factor and nicer camera).

I would have preferred to keep the X until a 5G phone came out. But the 5G phone I would want doesn't sound like it will be released this year anyway. And the 2 line feature is more convenient than I expected. Able to use my long time primary number, and also have my "home" phone on the same phone.

So things can be wrong that isn't your fault.
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Mar 22, 2011
Best Buy has no wiggle room on Apples policies. Best bet is to take it to an Apple Store see what they say


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Oct 21, 2014
Ottawa, Canada
I got the dreaded green line last week and the phone kept adding more lines every day. I realized once I took the phone out of the case that the screen was separating. Got the phone into my local Apple Store for repair. I asked for the battery replacement and was willing to pay for that. The Genius checked and he said that the system would not let them replace the screen as it was out of warranty. He spoke with his manager and they decided that since the screen damage was caused by the battery that they would replace the screen for free. It would take an hour to repair.
When I came back to pick it up they had decided that the battery swelling could have caused more damage so they replaced the phone with a new replacement and only charged me for the battery replacement.


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Dec 4, 2020
I logged in to add my 2¢ on this topic. I’ve had TWO iPhone X self destruct with the expanding battery problem. Two. My original went out in the second year so my SquareTrade warranty was in effect. I brought it into the Apple Store for an estimate. The Genius informed me that they don’t repair them they replace them with a new phone for the battery fee of $70. Since that was less then the deductible from ST I did it and they had my exact phone in a white box. He assured me it was new and not a refurbished one. That lasted about a year and now we’re in Covid. I didn’t want to go to the mall for the Apple Store so I just went to my carrier and bought a 12PMx. They were faster than Apple. Now that I could I started the process of getting the X fixed/replaced. It’s still 70 but there’s a shipping fee to drop it at UPS. So it’s about $82. If I’m on two of these, how many are failing in the world out there?
It will be my backup when all is said and done. My first major iPhone failure since my 3G. And I get two of them.
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