AC adaptor for a 23" ACD

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by YS2003, Apr 12, 2009.

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    I think my 23" ACD's AC adaptor is broken as it does not power the ACD. There are a few replacement AC adaptors on the market. Can you tell me which one I need to buy? The main ones I found are:

    A1096 661-3760 Power Adapter for Apple 20" Cinema Display DVI 65W
    A1097 Power Adapter for Apple 23" Cinema HD Display DVI 90W

    I was not able to power the 23" ACD with the one for a 20" ACD (45W). So, the replacement I need should be at least a 65W unit.
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    There is a known issue, well maybe not 'officially' known by Apple but known by the users, that a large number of 23" ACDs left the factory w/sub par power supplies so be careful if you are buying used from some dude off the internet. My power supply went bad last year but it was w/in warranty so Apple gave me a new one which is 90W. I don't think 65 would be enough to reliably power the monitor.


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