AC WIFI IDEA- Am I TOTALLY CRAZY!?!? Or could This Work???


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Jan 3, 2014
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Hi all,

First I'm new here and this is my first post.. So if it's in the wrong thread please move it
and I apologize in advance...

Here's the situation:

I live in a condo complex with garages not attached to units. Id say it's distance wise it's not too fat for a wifi signal... Except that it's behind the building and my unit on the frontside shares a common wall with the unit identical to mine directly behind me and the garage is out front of there unit (behind my building) they are small two bedroom two bath (about 800 square feet) built in the late 80's

Anyways I'm trying to set up a small project studio to work from home in my garage but really wanna get my wifi out there.. I'm more turned on the AC1200 Beamforming Router for the range capabilities but also will have a hard drive plugged into router or get the new AirPort Extreme so the gigabit speed would be nice.. Now I've done enough research to understand all the differences in the networks and actual vs theoretical throughput.. But again am mainly concerned about range and through wall capabilities.

I have a mid 2010 Mac mini with usb 2.0 FW800 and Ethernet ports. The main reason for this crazy idea to is I have to get my wifi into my computer through Ethernet for network sharing option to get ipad on it (due to screen recording with air server) so I had a crazy idea that seems to me in theory like it could work... Please anyone experienced let me know if I'm Genuis or Insane, I know there's a fine line between the two LoL.

So the first part of my signal chain would be the 867/300mbps Beamforming router connected to cable modem in unit.

Then my Mac mini will be out in the garage.. The plan is to buy this adapter for the Mac mini:

But instead of going in through usb 2.0 direct to mac, I would use an adapter like this:

To connect the AMped Adapter via usb 3.0 to the usb 3.0 side of an adapter like this:

The run and Ethernet cable from it to my Ethernet port on my Mac mini #

If that makes sense at all to anyone?

Again i basically need to get my wifi out to the garage where the Mac mini is but need to connect it via Ethernet so it lets me share my wireless with ipad...

Also if I my pack of smokes today was laced and I'm just totally nuts and this doesn't make any sense, and worst comes to worst I don't get the Ethernet connectivity or the gigabit speeds and just go straight into the usb 2.0 on my mini will this affect the range or strength of signal in anyway? Worst case I just want my mini online.

NOTE: I am on OSX 10.6.8 and have to stay here due to audio production software and hardware compatibility and version issues so upgrading osx or computer is out of the question at the time cuz and I can't afford an all new Protools HD hardware/software rig just to upgrade osx.

Thanks for all the help... Any input from anyone who is still reading this far and not totally lost in space or already hit the back button on browser is very very very much appreciated...

~Jordan Taylor


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Apr 11, 2012
You're right, that's crazy and will not work. Both of those devices expect to be plugged into a computer. I don't even know why they sell those USB A to A adapters; they're useless in almost all situations.

What you want is a wireless network bridge, like this other device from Amped Wireless:

It'll be a client on your wireless network, and it has Ethernet ports that you can plug your iMac into. And it can also rebroadcast your wireless signal so you may not even need to do network sharing on the iMac anyway.


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Jul 29, 2011
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As above and even then it's going to depend on range / obstructions interference etc. if I had to do something like this id have to hard wire it. Maybe get the cable company to install a second modem/ router in the garage. Your idea isn't totally nuts, it just won't work as both devices require physical connections


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Jan 26, 2008
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Talk to the landlord/building operator, find a way to lay down a CAT5 Ethernet cable from your home to the garage, hook up an old Airport Express base station in the garage, mission accomplished.
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