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    Mar 25, 2006
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    I have some questions about the Academic License.

    First, when you buy software under academic license as a student are you allowed to use it later to make money as a business person? In the same vain are you allowed to buy computers and whatnot with the educational discount and use them when you go out into the workplace?

    I'm just wondering cuz I haven't used my discount yet this year and I'm geting ready to graduate this weekend. Gotta do it fast!

    Also, if you know of any other EDU limitations, let me know! Thanks in advance. Viva la MacRumors!
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    Some software programs you can and some you can't.
    Macromedia used to say, the moment you used it commercially, you owed them the difference between the academic and the commercial price. Don;t know if that has changed with Adobe's buyout.

    In general, if you purchase your OWN academic boxed version (with CDs and your own license agreement and serial), you can continue using it after you grad. If you receive or purchase under your uni's site license (with no box, usinge the Uni's common serial #), then you must give it up as soon as you are no longer enrolled, because the license is tied to the Uni, not to your machine.

    In any case, you are generally not permitted to sell, give away or transfer educational software to any other person or company. That is a tradeoff made for the lower purchase price.
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    May 4, 2006
    Apple sent me an email telling me to use my education discount before I graduated. So it seems unlikely that they care.

    -- David

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