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Oct 27, 2007
First of all I would like to apologize if the solution to my problem is already posted on this site. I've been searching on and off for days and just can't seem to find the right one. I'm new to the Macbook and Mac OS X and to be quite honest, never been all that good with Windows either.

The problem: access files and a printer that is physically attached to a PC with a Macbook.

What's been done so far:
1. Bought and installed a Linksys WRT54G wireless router.
2. Physically connected the DSL modem to the router and the router to a PC running Windows XP home edition.
3. Ran the Windows network wizard. Named the PC “Skippy” and the workgroup “WORKGROUP”
instead of the default “MShome.”
4. Created a new user for the PC with both username and password “macbook.”
5. Created a new share/folder on the PC called “sharedocs” and set the permissions so that anyone can access it.

Results to date:
1. The Macbook immediately (magically) connected to the router (AirSkippy) and accessed the internet.
2. PC also seems to be working and finds the modem/internet through the router.
3. The Macbook can “see” the PC whenever I try the Finder application.
(Finder...Go...Network..., Workgroup and Skippy always show up.)
4. Highlight/click Skippy, then I'm prompted for a username and password.
5. Enter a Windows username and password and get an error message shown below.
6. Enter my Macbook username and password get an error message shown below.

The two type of error messages I've seen so far are ...
“Cannot complete operation because some of the data cannot be read or written,
error code -36”
“The alias “Skippy” could not be opened because the original item cannot be found.”

7. Tried to access the PC via Finder...Go...”Connect to server “ smb:// and Skippy's IP address.
Got one of the error messages.
8.Tried to access the PC via Finder...Go...”Connect to server “ smb://workgroup@skippy/sharedocs/
Got one of the error messages.
9. Pinged Skippy's IP address and got some numbers back. (Good, right?)
10. Tried to find the printer with the Macbook printer setup utility. Click “more printers etc.” Can “see” workgroup and skippy but eventually get an error message when I click on/choose skippy.

Seems like I can almost get to the PC but I'm just screwing up last step. Don't know if it's because I do not have the some firewall settings or permissions set correctly or if I'm screwing up on the grammar and syntax. Tried so many variations of the above that I'm completely lost now.

Read on some website that I should reinstall Windows? Agh. Actually, I don't really care about accessing the folders/files on the PC at this point, what I really want is access to the printer. Should I try a wireless print server instead?

Used to like my PC. Got the Macbook a few weeks ago, fell in love with it until I tried to connect everything. Now I just hate all computers. Help!


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Oct 22, 2007
Nottingham, UK
Hi There,

I had some similar problems when I tried connecting only had my macbook for 2 weeks (my first mac too).

I struggled connecting the two at first. I had been doing it right but Zonealarm (free version) was blocking it. Turned off Firewall and Tah Dah!

Try turning off your firewall and use the connect to server command. Finder - Go - Connect to server.

the command I use is SMB://

This then brings another dialogue box after I've entered password for the PC, which asks which shared folder I want to connect too.

Try that to see if it works. I have been using Comodo Firewall for my PC, it's free and is very customisable. I also use Remote Desktop Connection to connect to the PC when away from home. You can download that from Microsoft.

Hope some of this helps.


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Oct 27, 2007

That was it! It was the firewall all along. I finally had some success when
I smb//'ed to my PC IP address with the sharename attached. After typing in
a PC username and password the folder popped onto the desktop. Still haven't figured out how to access the printer but I've never been this close before,
Thank you!


Jan 5, 2008
Comodo Firewall is blocking the mac from connecting to the pc, I can see it in Comodo's logs, and when I try to make a rule it doesent do much of anything...


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Feb 12, 2008
SMB not working in 10.5.2 either!

Hi I'm using 10.5.2 and when I try Finder - Go - Connect to server I get the following error.

The PC volumes on my windows network show up on my mac desktop, but connection fails when I try to connect. None of them has a firewall active and all of them can be accessed from each other.

I'd be really grateful for a fix!!!


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