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    Nov 4, 2014
    Hi folks,
    Being new I hope I haven't offended anyone by posting in the wrong place. I have a problem emptying my Trash folder in Mavericks on a mini mac. The mini has gone through sequential upgrades and at some stage I noticed the Trash icon in app bar never showed content although files/folders had been dragged there or deleted from the keyboard.

    1. Resetting System and ALC permissions produced no change.

    2. A no-entry sign sits on the Folder icon in Finder and only system has read/write rights.

    3.Attempts to clear via Terminal produce 'illegal action etc.'

    4. Attempts to list or view contents produce the same response in Terminal.

    5. Attempts to view Trash via Finder produce Permission Denied.

    6. Initally I thought the mini deleted folders/files without 'troubling' the Trash folder, but a recent attempt to copy indicated the Trash folder did indeed contain some 20,000 items, although I course I can't access the trash folder to see them.

    7. Ran out of ideas? Re-install the only option or can the Trash be 'freed' and reinstituted.

    I would truly appreciate some help on this matter.



    Hi folks,
    Again, as if often the case, the iterative appraoch works. Shortly after posting I tried adding administrators to the uses list, granted them read and write rights and hey presto, was able to clear the folder. Sorry for the trouble.
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    Boot into Recovery Mode and in that mode use DiskUtility to repair the Permissions. That use Startup Disk to boot back into your regular account.

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