Accessing a bootcamp partition using virtualization software

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    Hey guys (and girls),

    I am interested in buying vmware or parallels so that I can run XP and OSX 10.5 side-by-side. I already have a bootcamp partition on my macbook. The reason I want to switch to virtualization is because I was having CONSTANT problems connecting to the internet with my broadcom wireless card under XP.

    so, my questions are as follows:

    1. can i access my bootcamp partition using either of these 2 programs?
    2. if I do use these programs, will the virtualization machine use the windows driver for the wireless card or will it simply set up a local network and use the wireless signal under OS X? I hope that the latter is the case.
    3. can i install the software on more than one machine without buying multiple licenses?
    4. between the two, which one do you recommend (or if you have any other pics, I'm all ears)?

    Thanks a bunch!
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    The Windows guest OS will have a virtual network driver installed that will "look" like an Ethernet adapter that will be interfaced with your OS X network connectivity.
    No for VMware Fusion or Parallels Desktop. VirtualBox is free for personal use, so yes in that case.
    Boot Camp, CrossOver, Parallels, VMware Fusion in three bullet points each!
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