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    I have an external HD with both USB connection as well as FireWire.
    Most of the time it is connected via USB to my Airport Extreme -for wireless convenience - but sometimes, when i'm in my office (which is out of range from the AE) i connect it directly to my MacBook Pro via firewire. That's when i get issues.
    I'm having trouble for example, with my iTunes Library that is on this disk. When connected directly, iTunes says it can't access the library, because it has no permission to access the disk. When connected wirelessly, when this same disk is connected to the Airport, all works fine.
    Even though it is the same disk with the same name, i get messages that i don't have permissions to access some data etc. I noticed that when directly connected, it is seen as a volume, when connected via Airport it is seen as a share.

    I'm trying to understand why this happens, i hope someone can explain?
    What can i do to resolve this and access all data, no matter which connection i use?
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    Feb 14, 2011
    how is the drive formatted? HFS+?

    how is the partition formatted? HFS+?

    did you [originally] format the drive with it connected to the AEBS or to your MBP?

    what are the permissions of the itunes library folder on the drive?
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    Nov 17, 2010
    May try this

    I had a similiar mapping issue. Go under the Get Info when connected by the Firewire and make sure that it is set to allow read and write access for all subfolders on the Ext HD or at least for the Music or iTunes folder, depending on what you want it to access. HTH.

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