Accessing Mac creation dates in Windows.

Discussion in 'macOS' started by infobleep, May 22, 2010.

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    Hi there

    Is there away of moving files from a Mac HFT+ drive to a NTFS external drive and an NTFS virtual drive [using VirtualBox] which preserves the creation date so it can be seen correctly by Windows 7?

    For some years I have been taking photos and MPEG4 videos using a small compact camera. These I have been renaming on my PC in Windows. The photos are renamed using their EXIF creation dates and the videos are renamed using their file creation dates. I have to use the file creation dates because unlike photos, no such metadata is stored with MPEG4 video.

    However recently I moved some photos and videos from my camera to my Mac, running Snow Leopard. When I viewed the files in my Virtual Windows 7, I found the creation dates were incorrect. They didn't even match the modification dates. I think they may have been the dates the files were moved from the camera to the Mac. However they were still correct on my Mac. I know Macs store file dates in metadata files, where as Windows doesn't do this.. Is there away of Windows viewing these metadata files and making use of them or making the video files themselves contain information that windows could access?


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    The problem was caused by creating shared folders using VirtualBox shared folder interface.

    To get Mac dates to appear correctly in Windows, one can create a bridged network in VirtualBox or a host only network. The later is more useful because it doesn't require you to be connected to a physical network, in order to transfer data between Windows 7 and Snow Leopard.

    If anyone would like more details on setting this up then reply to this thread and I will post more detailed information.



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