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    Dec 25, 2008
    hello. i've been trying to share folders between my vista home premium pc and my Mac OS X v10.5.6 macbook pro.

    i've successfully gotten the 2 computers to recognize each other but have 1 problem. i can access my vista public folders fine from my mac. i can also see my public mac folder from my vista pc. The only thing is that when i go to Start-->Network and open my mac, it asks for a log in. Is there a way to just access it without any login?

    on my vista: network set to private, network discovery, file sharing, public folder sharing are all set to On, password protected sharing set to Off.

    on my mac: System Prefs-->Sharing: File sharing is checked on, Share Folders is just my Public folder, Users are just me, Users, and Everyone. Under Options, Share using SMB is checked, my account is not checked.

    System Prefs-->Accounts: under Guest account only "Allow guests to connect to shared folders" is checked

    Please tell me how to access my mac public folder from my vista without going thru a logon screen.

    If i hav to login, what should i use as the user name if i want to access my mac folder with the "Users" permission level (one of the users along with me and Everyone in System Prefs-->Sharing).

    If i ever do get to access the folder without having to enter login info, how so i know which permission level im at, "Users" or "Everyone" (as seen in System Prefs-->Sharing pane)?

    i know this is long, but i just wanted to give as much pertinent info as i could. thanks in advance for any helpful suggestions!
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    Dec 25, 2008
    this is kind of an aside but could someone explain how my mac could find the other computers on my workgroup without me having to enter the workgroup name?

    i mean it's good that it can find the other computers, but im just wondering how it's doing this without the need for the workgroup name.

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