Accessing Military Web Mail on Mac Pro Lion


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Jan 10, 2014
I do not understand why I can not access the web mai.. I have the CAC installed. I can get on AKO just fine but not outlook? Any suggestions?


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May 18, 2013
I've never been able to set up Outlook from a non .mil network, but I didn't try that hard, either. I always just used the webmail interface via Internet Explorer on a PC. This was Air Force though, I'm not sure what protocols are in place for other branches.

If that's what you're talking about- not being able to access the web page based inbox- you can enable the "Develop(er)" menu in Safari and change the User Agent to Internet Explorer, since most likely the page requires IE.


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Feb 19, 2008
The Finger Lakes Region
You have to get a VPN from your IT people. However I really fought they will you, a lone person, access to a VPN.

Besides since all email on Military NiperNet in now handled on AKO you get an AKO account and get your email.
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