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    I recently found my first IPad, an Ipad 2 that was lost but turned up in our storage locker. I don't care about anything but the photos on it of a pet that has passed and of the kids. It says it has not been backed up in 195 weeks when I turn it on. I don't recall ever even making a cloud or connecting it to a laptop to backup back though as my neighbor was asking if I had done. I'm not the most computer savvy person but learned a lesson and now backup everything with apples icloud. I have attempted guessing at my 4 digit security login with some of the pass codes I commonly use (tried 3 attempts) but am afraid if I guess too many times it will lock it and delete everything, at least that's what my neighbor says. I've been told there is software than can help me access it without deleting everything since it's probably an older version of iOS on it. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thank you
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    No, there's nothing that will bypass the pass-code lock.
    Plug it in the iTunes library that it was used on before and it will create a backup.
    If you didn't sync it with any iTunes library and you cannot remember your own pass-code then you will have to restore it with itunes and everything that was on it will be gone.
    If it really was your iPad it shouldn't be hard to remember the pass-code you setup...
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    These posts all have such a similar format:

    1. Intro "Hi, I'm new here..."
    2. Long, complicated, overly explanatory story about how they TOTALLY didn't steal the iDevice they are trying to unlock and how they thought the jb forum is the best place to find this type of info
    3. Ask how to bypass iCloud lock or passcode lock
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    What did your pet pass?
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    You know... there totally is a way to unlock it. Give it back to it's rightful owner and have them unlock it. Or turn it into your local police and let them find that person. Someone is probably sad and missing their iPad :(
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    Where have I heard this before..? Hmm

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