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    Mar 7, 2010
    When my Mac Book worked with Leopard, It automatically showed a Network item on Finder's sidebar, with the other nodes of my domestic LAN, including Windows and Linux PC's, and when I tried to add a network printer via Samba, it was automatically detected in Windows tab.

    Now, with Snow Leopard, the things are different: I don't see a Network item.
    Every time I turn my MacBook on, I have to tell him to connect to a Windows node, and after that, I only see the hard disk of that node.

    But the worst thing is that it is impossible to add a network printer: no workgroups, nodes, and printers are shown, and the windows tab in Printer dialog is always empty.

    I would like to have access to a dialog box in which was possible to manually enter the printer path, like: smb://NoStore/Lasterjet1015, as I do from Linux machines, but I can't find a similar tool.

    Can you help me ?
    Luigi Fonti

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