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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by jr866gooner, Jul 26, 2014.

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    Aug 24, 2013

    I know this is a common thing with third party cable and adapters so this is not a complaint, this is more of an observation.

    It can be random as to when the message will appear. What I don't understand is that the message even appears when simply trying to charge the phone on a household plug. I would understand the third party accessors failing to sync connecting to a PC but why restrict a simple act if power going to the device to give it juice?

    Now comes the timing, early yesterday my phone was at 35% so gave it a blast using a third party iPod charger, official 30 pin cable and third party adapter to my 5c. It charged fine and took it off at about 75%.

    Used my phone throughout the day and evening and was clinging on with 8% around 1230am so went to bed and plugged in said charger. This then popped up with the accessory not supported message an refused to charge. I left it a good 10 minutes and it didn't appear to charge, I luckily have my official charger and cable (chose to use the other due to length) now this isn't a big deal but got me thinking! Do Apple ensure these third party products fail to charge below a certain percentage as you will be more desperate to charge therefore give in and buy official? Surely the method of simply passing power to the device shouldn't be effected by what would appear as a syncing restriction?

    Anyone else notice this message at random times? Or at specific points?
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    I've gotten that on occasion with apple cables, though its a rarity.

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