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Jun 19, 2012
Hey guys my apple tv 4k had beta ios 13 installed on do I remove it??? this is a nightmare I cant get rid of it..please help


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May 27, 2008
why is it a nightmare?

I also accidentally installed it. I didn't realize that tvOS only has one beta, unlike iOS which is a different beta program for each major version. and forgot that I had beta updates turned on. So woke up one morning and found I had tvOS 13.

It's been fairly stable for me so far. and there's a new version out yesterday, so maybe that will fix whatever problem you have

a quick search for "downgrade tvOS beta" and it seems that you can't downgrade the 4k, since it has no USB port
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Nov 26, 2006
Unfortunately, at this time, it isn't possible to downgrade a 4K model. You'll just have to wait for the GM release, then turn off beta updates.


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Aug 15, 2004
I'm a Beta Tester and I agree that the first two releases were bad. But if you update to the third, things should smooth out nicely. It did on mine . . .

The latest iOS releases on my MBP and ATV4K have been so squirrelly, that I am no longer doing Beta testing.
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