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Jul 24, 2008
Over the year, I have used voice memo a few times so I don't think too much of it, but among the recordings is one that I absolutely treasure.

I was making a new recording yesterday. After a few aborted attempts I tried deleting the aborted recordings, and accidentally deleted a previous recording that I really wanted.

My first thought was that it was no big deal, that I should be able to get it back from iCloud. Nope, by default voice memos are not backed up, and there is no way to recover it. I tried a 3rd party app to no avail.

I think I am going to find another recording app with a iCloud backup option. Hope Apple address this in the new OS7.


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Jan 2, 2007
I think voice memos get synced into iTunes .
Search voice memo in iTunes music library, it might be there? Mine are
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