iPhone Accidentally installed IOS 6.1 beta 4, stuck on device not registered.

Discussion in 'iOS 6' started by FCArg15, Dec 19, 2012.

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    Dec 19, 2012
    My son told me I could update to the new ios 6.1, but it ended up he updated to a beta that i'm not allowed to have. the activation process won't let me activate the phone due the fact that apple won't let me because i'm not a developer. Seeing as i don't want to pay $100 to use my phone i tried restoring it, but a full restore on itunes 11.7 renders a message saying that it cannot contact the update server and i should connect to wifi, but i am. however, restoring from a backup says it cannot start a session with my iphone. what to do? i've considered downgrading itunes, as i didnt have these error message on 11.6
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    Yes, easy.
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    Well iTunes is at 11.0.1 now you must be thinking version 10.7 Anyway that has nothing to do with your issue. As others stated get to DFU mode and restore. You can find info how to get to restore mode by google DFU restore iPhone. That should get you on iOS 6.0.1 the current released version.

    Oh and don't let your children muck with your iDevices. As you can see it could get expensive. :D
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