iPhone accidentally removed ipod app [Help!]

Discussion in 'iOS 5 and earlier' started by CiskoCatalin, Mar 20, 2014.

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    Mar 20, 2014
    ive been snooping around trying to solve this on my own as i am truly ashamed . So i ended up asking for help as i reached my limit . First of all , Hello to everyone around here !
    I got an iphone 4 from a friend a few weeks back , its my 1st apple product and since he was using it for about 2 years now i had to start " cleaning " it so i can get the best out of it " iphone 4 jailbroken ios : 4.3.2 " oh and it has a gevey thingy . I was thinking about upgrading it to 7.1 but that might make the gevey useless ..so i'll lose the phone all together as it will be locked .
    I found out about ifunbox , and of course i had to start cleaning stuff up while using it , wanted to get rid of the old youtube app , stocks and all of that.
    So i did , unfortunately i also ended up deleting " musicplayer " cuz i knew ipod was the default music player in the iphone ...thought it might be something else so i got rid of it , 2 more app's in the process as well since they had no real "icon " .. just a white image , making me think they were not functional anymore.
    When i finally realized i can't play music anymore , and after i panicked for a few minutes ...i started searching google for any kind of help .
    So i tried to backup and it didn't help at all cuz i managed to screw that up as well " a new backup was made before i realized ipod was missing .
    After a few hours of searching , i found a bit of help ... what i did was i downloaded the 4.3.2 IOS and then using cmod and a few tips , i extracted its content onto my computer .
    So the next step was to find " ipod app " in the applications folder , so i did ..and i copied it , but of course it did not work :) ..hence the reason i ended up writing to you good people from around here .
    I used iFunbox for everything i did , i also installed SSH in the meantime thinking the new app might need permission to run .
    Spent all day doing only this , any kind of help would be greatly appreciated !

    Im sorry for being noobish and stupid ..and sorry about my poor english
  2. CiskoCatalin thread starter macrumors newbie

    Mar 20, 2014
    900 views and no answer

    at least explain to me how can one copy the original ipod.app from 4.3.2 ios i have decrypted !

    I already copied it once and it did not work ( used iFunbox )

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