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  1. matthewskyle macrumors member

    Jan 23, 2011
    So me and my wife are wanting separate accounts on most things now except iTunes and here is what I need:

    1 iTunes ID
    2 .Me Addresses
    2 iCloud Accounts
    2 iMessage accounts

    So far, I have a my AppleID through Gmail, a new @Me Address the I view on iCloud by logging in through my Gmail. I need to store all my music in iCloud, but have it accessible by 2 people and have 2 separate @Me addresses and 2 separate iCloud accounts so that we don't get our documents mixed up BUT WAIT! I still need my music and I need the ability to text one iPad from 2 different iPhones since someday's ill take it with me and other's she'll take it....Come on Apple...This is like trying to figure out a rubix cube blind folded. Anyone else in similar situation?

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