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  1. Mr. Underhill macrumors newbie

    Oct 24, 2010
    I have a Mac Mini and MacBook Pro (both running Mountain Lion) and a iPhone 4 and iPad 1. Long before I was a mac guy, I just owned an iPod Classic and my iTunes account used a GMAIL address that I still use to this day. I then purchased the apple products soon after, and when the Cloud came on the scene I set up a ME account and was told by a Genius that I had to keep my GMAIL account associated with iTunes/ App Store b/c I had purchased things there and I would lose them if I changed the email address to ME. So, we set up my iPhone and iPad using my ME account for everything but iTunes/App Store purchases.

    However, as of late ( and I am not sure how this happen) I noticed the following:

    (1) On iPad1 my iCloud account is set up under my GMAIL email account. And under the Settings - iCloud - Account - Advanced - Mail, area it lists my ME account.

    I tried to delete the gmail email account associated with iCloud and enter in my ME account information, however, seconds after I complete that procedure, GMAIL address re-appears as the email address associated with iCloud.

    Moreover, under Mail, Contacts, Calendar, if I select iCloud, my GMAIL addresses is the email address listed here as well.

    (2) On iPhone4, my iCloud account, and the setting under Mail, Contacts, Calendar, (for iCloud), listed my GMAIL address as well.

    However, when I deleted the gmail email account associated with iCloud and iCloud under Mail, Contacts, Calendar, and supplanted it with my ME account, it WORKED! It actually stuck.

    Oddly, under Mail, Contacts, Calendar, if I select iCloud, the same ME addresses is the email address listed here.

    (3) On MacBook Pro, my iCloud account is set up under my GMAIL email account (under Account Details). I tried to change this to me, but it also would not stick. And, the same thing under Mail, Contacts & Calendars - iCloud: GMAIL address.

    (4) On the Mac Mini, same exact thing.

    Now all that being said, things appear to be working well with no problems (syncing via wifi and all), but I am confused b/c everything was initially set up as using the ME account except for iTunes/App Store Purchases which would use the GMAIlL address) which is the way I want it. I do not recall ever changing anything. This all just came to my attention after downloading iOS5 on iPhone -- (not sure if the cause; just noticed it then).

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    Aug 11, 2011
    I am in a similar situation. My Me account shows up under Advanced in iCloud while my iCloud is set to my gmail email.

    I have disabled Mail sync under the iCloud and have it under Exchange (google sync) instead. I do not know if that would be of any help to you but, FYI. :confused:

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