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Dec 16, 2012

Not really an issue, but an annoyance

When i seem to setup my apple devices everything i have seems to be linked to my wives name...

for example, i just setup my airport express on my new iMac and when creating the WiFi LAN is named it 'Jens Wireless Network'

This has happened before aswell for other things (apple related), but i can;t remember what now...

Any advice on where this link is coming from? Its like she is the master account or something.



Oct 10, 2009
My wife and I share the same Apple account, on her iPhone if she goes to settings>mail, contacts, calendar>my info it states my name. If she changes it to her contact information it also changes it on my iPhone and the kids iPods through iCloud.

Don't know if your wife has an ios device but is it possible she is changing the 'my info' to her name then all the devices connected with the account are then changing over to her name?

You can also try and under manage account you can edit 'your name'.


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Feb 19, 2008
The Finger Lakes Region
yep, its my name in there.

Did you visit the Apple site My Apple ID?

Then open System Preferences->Network, Advanced button, TCP/IP mini-tab. Remember the IP for your wireless router and then open you favorite browser and put that 'router ip' into the address bar (to get into that router). If this is an Apple router that open /Applications/Utilities/Airport Utility to get into that Apple routing device.

If you don't have a default password to get into that router then visit the blog post to get the default password for a lot of different routers. This way you can get into the router

Also look in the System Preferences->Sharing pane and at the top of the pane click the 'Edit' button to change the name of you Mac.
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