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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Sophiebel, Jan 29, 2016.

  1. Sophiebel macrumors newbie

    Jan 29, 2016
    Hi, does anyone know how accurate the frequent locations are? Someone is telling me that they have not been to a place that is listed 5 times in their frequent locations. Could they have just been somewhere close or is that blue circle accurate & they were actually there?
  2. Jilltr macrumors newbie

    Feb 16, 2016
    I'm just learning a lot more about frequent really my strongest most solid and truthful subject would be myself, then my mother. I have the 6plus, mom the 5s, (husband 5s). So as the 2 strongest subject and confirmers of each their own destinations over a period of time, both mom and I would agree that the info provided by the frequent locations in system services is very (if not exactly) where we'd provides a length of time that we were at our locations (arrival & departures of said listed locations, ie. Home, or a specific area u were at) - my example is a McDonald's I'm placed by frequent locations at frequently...yes, the line is often long, I smoke, I sit in the drive thru...good coffee. But it is accurate. I think after u are consistently at a location for longer than 10mins, it gets clocked at a "Frequent Location".....sooooo, that said, I would do a little further investigating if u need to, try to find other people's experience withFreqient Locations" and it's accuracy, but these phones and gps services available today, it's safe to say your person in question denying being anywhere near the pegged by "frequent locations" area in question. I'm going thru something myself and it's really made me have to think and think and think over my husbands whereabouts, the incredible reasons he finds for leaving the house for a bit. I'm kinda over it, phone wins for truth.
    Please keep in mind their are a few factors that might make the visits and stop overs legit if there were a 10 minute red light placed at that exact location and he got stuck behind more than 5x, (not sure how many time u gotta be a one location before its pegged by Frequent Locations).
    I really do hope u find out about this mishap on The 'person in question's' phone's frequent location list, lord knows I've tried. But for me the answer is written on the wall after all my 'detective work' in my particular situation.
    If anyone has any other 'I their own experience' in learning how defective their 'frequent location' feature is on their iPhones, I welcome hearing replies about how inaccurate it is to the time and whereabouts they've been pegged at. It would cast a little bit of doubt, and I think for the OP as well, as on each our own situations.
    But for me, the phone wins in truthfulness here. Of course history of truthfulness also cast a little bit of doubt...history of fibbing just puts the nails in the coffin for me.

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