ACD 23" Image Persistence

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by millerrh, Jun 28, 2010.

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    Sep 14, 2005
    Recently I was working in a Photoshop document on a dark gray background and noticed some strange washed out vertical banding. Upon closer examination, I recognized this to be what looked like image persistence of my web browser. There was a very clear edge right where the window was.

    I did some searching and found this support article from Apple:

    So I did what it said and used an all white screen saver, but the white image covering my whole screen caused the whole entire screen to exhibit this strange vertical banding. Turning off the monitor for a few hours caused this to disappear, so it is definitely some sort of image persistence caused by white colors.

    With further testing using just Safari, I was able to get this image persistence to happen in just a matter of minutes. I'd have the web page up for a bit, then move it off to the side and where the edge of the page was, sure enough, there was a line there.

    I don't ever remembering this sort of thing happen before (recently got a new MacBook Pro). Could it be something about the MBP video card causing this to happen? Or is it just that the display is getting older (~7 years old)? Any other ideas? It's quite annoying when I deal with Photoshop and colors all day to have this sort of variability going on.
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    I doubt it. I had 2 of those ACD with this issue (both used), in one image persistence was exactly as in yours. In second, it was taking a little more time to see "ghosts". You can always test it with other Mac or PC to ensure that it's display problem.
    My advice: start looking for new monitor, especially if you are working with colours.

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