Achieving 1:1 Mouse Acceleration in OS X?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by Prodo123, May 3, 2014.

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    I've been trying to figure out how to disable mouse acceleration in OS X. So far I have tried three things:

    1. Playing around with the Terminal. "defaults write .GlobalPreferences -1" had been suggested as a potential solution, so I tried it out. Sure enough it does change the mouse behavior significantly. However, it has proven to still have acceleration enabled to a great degree.

    2. Mouse Acceleration Prefpane is available on the Internet, but it does next to nothing to improve mouse acceleration.

    3. So far the only true solution that I have found is Steermouse, but it has its own bag of problems. First, the cursor is extremely shaky when drawing out lines; second, it has issues with Synergy where if both the server and client have this installed, the cursor goes haywire when moving with any button down on the client.

    I have tested each method by drawing circles in Photoshop. I started slow and increased speed; the results of the tests are attached to the post.

    Does anyone know of other ways to achieve 1:1 mouse acceleration in OS X?

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    This apparently does not work in certain applications, such as StarCraft 2, and needs to be run every time you start your computer up...

    On the other hand, the comments section does mention USB Overdrive. But from my former experiences with Steermouse (do not confuse with Smoothmouse), such programs tend to interfere with the onboard settings on mice and conflict with Logitech Gaming Software/Control Center.

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