ack. anybody know how to format endnotes?


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Jun 24, 2004
its almost midnight here and i am almost done with my leukemia report. i just can't find out anywhere how to format endnotes. for some reason, they make us do endnotes and a bibliography :eek: . pain in teh a**..

any help? links? (already tried google)

Blue Velvet

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Jul 4, 2004
I tend to:

• Put all publication titles in italics and on the same line followed by author/s and year of publication (not italics). If the writer of the report has provided ISBN numbers and publishing house then they go in as well.


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Found a link


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Oct 8, 2004
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There is no universal standard. It all depends what scientific journal you are aiming for. Nevertheless, here are some examples. I hope it will help.

Papers: (authors, year, name of article, name of journal italics, volume in bold, pages)

Schuster, P., and Sigmund, K. 1983. Replicator dynamics, J. Theor. BioL , 100, 535-538.

Peck, J.R. and Feldman, M.W. 1988. Kin selection and the evolution of
monogamy, Science, 240, 1672-1674.

Books: (authors, year, name of book in quotation, name of publisher)

Hofbauer, J., and Sigmund, K. 1988. “The Theory of Evolution and Dynamical Systems,” Cambridge Univ. Press.

Freidlin, M. I., and Wentzell, A.D. 1994. “Random Perturbations of Dynamical
Systems,” Springer-Verlag. Berlin/New York.