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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by mddharma, May 20, 2008.

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    Have read many posts here, on the Sage software site, and other sites in regards to a replacement for ACT database which is not on the Mac. A large majority of the posts concern the wish that ACT had a Mac version as there really isn't any comparable MAC database. Yes I know people bring up Daylite or Now Up to Date, but frankly if you had used ACT you know neither has the flexibility of ACT.

    I know you can run ACT with parallels, but it does not allow you to sync to address book, Ical, or an iphone. This is why our company will ditch ACT as soon as possible, but Daylight or other options are not right for us.

    With the Mac market share growing almost every quarter, the iphones inroads into business and no big competition for their product on the Mac side, it would make sense for Sage to come back. If Microsoft is smart enough to know there is money to be made on the mac side, maybe Sage will rethink their position.

    Perhaps an email campaign of users to Sage Software expressing the need for ACT to return to the Mac side could help. Anyone wanting to help out can send an email to: David van Toor, General Manager of Sage CRM Solutions North America at -

    I appreciate the help from ACT supporters! :)
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    ACT! Software for Mac = A Great Idea

    I second the post from mddharma. An email campaign might be just what is needed to bring this software back to the Mac.
    With Macs becoming more and more popular with each passing year, now is the time to really make some noise, and get the ACT!/Mac enthusiasts voices heard.
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