Activate iPhone like Apple Watch?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Steve686, Jun 24, 2015.

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    Since I have been wearing my watch and actually using it quite a bit throughout the day, any time I pull my phone out of my pocket I raise it to my face expecting the screen to activate. It is now getting quite disappointing that there is no feature allowing this since I've really gotten used to it on the Watch.

    What I do hope happens in a future iOS update is for Apple to release an option to activate the phone with a raise from a position like the Watch.

    Something not only as simple as the Watch, but say you can choose a few options for how you normally use your phone. Since I almost always keep my phone in my pocket with the charging port facing upwards, there would need to be two significant movements to allow the phone to activate. One would obviously be for the proximity sensor to know the phone is out of pocket, and then the motion of bringing the phone to reading level.

    There could be options Apple includes for everyone that covers the way we all carry our phones, and of course the simple activation feature like on Watch would be available.

    Just a quick thought.
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    Lol, i'm glad that I'm not the only one thats done this recently!
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    It wouldn't be that difficult either. Motorola uses some IR sensors in combination with the proximity sensor to activate it's Moto Display (quick glances at notifications and time and able to unlock). I'm sure Apple could engineer something similar, although those sensors make the white faced phones look terrible. They'd also probably have to move to an AMOLED panel as the constant activation of the screen would kill battery life.

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