Activate, jailbreak , unlock with ziphone2.5c

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by rkg007, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. rkg007 macrumors newbie

    Mar 9, 2008
    Can you pls guide me to activate, jailbreak and unlock iphone with ziphoneGUI 2.5c

    I have brand new iphone (not even opened from the box, no sim card inside). Pls tell me the steps.

    1. Do I need .NET framework on my vista OS computer?
    2. Do I need iTunes on my computer?
    3. firmware is 1.1.4, pls tell me the steps
    4. after using ziphone 2.5 c will I be able to use the iphone with any sim card and in any country?
    5. will all the features work? Including youtube videos?
    6. what about installing tha BSD installer apps?is that required?
    7. what about the country compatibility setting to be done after unlocking so that sms do not fail?
    8. And finally is it safe to do that on my own or should ii get it done from somebody?
  2. mattfick12 macrumors member

    Mar 5, 2008
    If your going to use ATT, you need to get a sim card and a service plane. Install iTunes, put that sim card that they have provided you in the phone. Activate you iPhone through iTunes before jail breaking it. (its like 20 dollars for 200 text messages and unlimited data. This plan is required for the iPhones) Once you have activated your iPhone through iTunes, install all the updates and everything else. Download ZiPhone. Once you have downloaded and installed ZiPhone, Select jailbreak me. 3rd option down. Have your iPhone docked when you o this. After you click that, that will run for a min or so and it will reboot your iPhone with and ZiPhone link icon.

    -Update installer
    -download community sources
    -" " BSD Subsystems (is required to install some apps)

    You can then go ahead and download what ever fits your needs.

    on my phone i have mobile finder, summerboard w/fiberglass theme, iSnake, Labyrinth, and TTR. < these are the apps that i like :)

    since your running 1.1.4, some of the apps that you download from installer wont work. everything else will work on your phone. I was really worried about my phone not working when i did i had no knowledge..i was amazed how fast it 30 sec :p everything so far works excellent on my worries.

    hope this helps you!

    if i got anything wrong guys, please correct me
  3. carfac macrumors 65816


    Feb 18, 2006
    You are gonna need iTunes if you want to put anything of consequence on the iPhone (music, videos, contacts, etc).

    ZiPhone will AUTOMATICALLY put the Installer on your iPhone. Once you run ZiPhone, you will see the Installer iCon on your phone. Click that, go to System, and you will see BSD Subsystem- install that. I also recommend adding in Open SSH (also in the System folder). Community Sources is in Sources.
  4. mattfick12 macrumors member

    Mar 5, 2008
    SSH is good when your trying to fix or add something to the directory but is also opened your phone up to the world. So if your connect to a school network for instants, someone can use the default password and steal all your address, music, contacts...which isn't good. I always install OPENSSH when i need and then I uninstall it. -that way i know that its disabled.
  5. rkg007 thread starter macrumors newbie

    Mar 9, 2008
    Thanks for the reply.

    But probably I am missing something. I want it unlocked so that I can use it with some other SIM card.

    - Do i need to install iTunes on my computer to activate the phone? Should the iphone be docked & connected to the computer that moment and in recovery mode? and then should I run ziphone?

    - do I have to download BSD and OPENSSH from somewhere or after running ziphone i can find them on the iphone and just have to install them?

  6. mattfick12 macrumors member

    Mar 5, 2008

    Your Sim card is your att plan +data usage...its basically your service. If you try to put in another sim card, yes it will work but, if you dont have a data plan or a basic iPhone plan, I dont know if you'll be able to use the edge network or if your just going to be charged per bite.

    So if your trying to take out your sim card from one phone and put it into the iPhone, it will work but you may my charged big time. -the iphone uses an incredible amount of data usage.

    you dont have to download or install anything. BSD Subsystem is a download thats required if you want to download and run other apps on the iphone. OpenSSH basically allows you to wirelessy access the "inside" of your phone. You would use this if you want to edit system files or add or delete files...You dont need this necessarily if your just starting out on jail breaking your iphone.

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