Activating 3G on a used Verizon iPad 2

Discussion in 'iPad' started by mad cow disease, Jun 2, 2012.

  1. mad cow disease, Jun 2, 2012
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    mad cow disease macrumors member

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    I scored a Verizon iPad 2 on eBay. Arrived to me fully wiped. I wiped it again just to be extra sure and went to activate the cellular by going from Home Screen -> Settings -> Cellular Data -> View Account.

    Instead of seeing the fields for my credit card, address, etc. I am getting a login/password screen.

    I have tried:
    -Resetting iPad entirely from scratch, by doing a restore on iTunes.
    -General-> Reset -> Erase All Content and Settings
    -General -> Reset -> Subscriber Services -> Reset account
    -General -> Reset -> Subscriber Services -> Reprovision account
    -General -> Reset -> Reset all settings

    Every single attempt yields the same screen demanding a login/password I don't have. Of note, the Verizon and 3G logos do appear in the top left corner and General -> About shows a cellular data number (presumably the prior owner's).

    Any ideas, or do I need to return this to the seller?

    Edit: Problem solved, I obtained the previous owner's login info and then was able to delete his account. So a word of advice for those trying to sell their Verizon iPads, be sure your account data is PURGED from the machine (i.e. your account is deleted). Otherwise, you've just sold the person an iPad WiFi.
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    If you can't get past that screen and wiping is in vain, try getting the information from the seller and see if you can log in. Otherwise call Verizon and see if they can offer a fix. Worse case, return it for a full refund. Sounds like the seller didn't do his due diligence in ensuring the iPad was ready to be activated when he sold it.

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