Carrier Activating and selling new "free" XR

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    Ive been on a prepaid plan for years and not exactly sure how actual postpaid plans work right now. Have a phone i like but my parents want to get a family plan and want me to get in on it. Problem is i just want the plan and not the XR.

    If they do the buy 2 get 2 free XR deal, is it possible to activate the phone as mine, pull out the SIM and use it in my current T-Mobile phone?

    Just wondering if that, or some workaround, is possible?

    Many thanks for any help.
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    Should work perfectly fine.

    It's just a phone line. T-Mobile doesn't care what phone you use it with, they include the XR's as a bonus for signing up for the contract.
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    But per subject title, might not be able to sell the XR as it might be locked through whatever deal this is part of (eg. must keep service for 2ys as "free" phones are bill credits starting on month three, etc.).

    ADD: if this is the current T-Mobile deal, yeah, can't get rid of the XR until after two years:

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