Activating iPhone 2G Broken Screen

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    Mar 13, 2010
    Hi everyone, I have a iPhone 4 with the 2GB cap plan, and wanted to try the iPhone 2G unlimited data trick.
    Now, my brother has the original iPhone 2G, he lives in Cali, I live in TX. so before he goes through the hasel of sending it to me, I wanted to make sure I can activate it.

    I have a micro-sim/regular sim adapter, so swapping them wont be a problem. The problem is, his LCD on the iPhone 2G is broken, he says something about a digitizer. Since I have no need for the phone itself, just to do the trick, am I able to activate my sim with his iphone through itunes NOT using the screen? or do I actually have to have a working iphone screen to do this?

    He has it unlocked for tmobile, but I'm sure I can restore it back to regular mode using itunes since that doesn't require the screen.
    Thank you
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    May 20, 2006
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    Yes. From what I've read it will still work.

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