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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by christophermdia, Sep 21, 2012.

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    I recently ordered 2 iphone 5's on Verizon coming from ATT porting both numbers. I am out of town until Sunday, however my wife has both our phones in her hand as we speak. My question is, can she turn on and activate her phone without my phone porting just yet until I get back on sunday? Or since this is all on a family plan, will that whole process activate both phones?

    Not a big deal to wait but was just wondering so she can get to playing without staring at 2 boxes for an entire weekend......

    Thanks in advance!
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    Don't know why I keep coming back to macrumor forums....unless I post a complaint, no one cares to respond....half the things everyone here complains about anyway are childish issues anyway
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    She should be able to do the porting on the phone if she knows all of the account information like SSNs. I did this earlier today and it was a really painless process.
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    Might just be the sheer number of new threads caused your thread to be missed.

    Yes your wife can activate her line on Verizon and not break your existing AT&T service. First make sure she activates the right device / line on Verizon. The automatic port will start for her line, that's why it is very important for her to pick the right iPhone 5.

    The porting process will start at AT&T and her line of service will be terminated. No it does not matter if her line is the primary or a add-a-line on a FamilyTalk plan. Each line has it own plan / contract. It is not an all or nothing for all lines on the FamilyTalk plan.


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