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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Baron58, Jun 30, 2009.

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    With 3.0, is it now possible to buy an iPod touch, turn it on, set it up and use it without ever connecting it to a computer running iTunes? I thought you could set up your iTunes Store account directly on the device now. Assuming you don't need to sync anything from a computer (e.g. just using it for email, browsing, and getting apps & podcasts directly over wifi), is it now able to be used as a completely stand-alone device by someone who doesn't otherwise own a computer?

    Related question.... if a person has an iPod touch and they are travelling for a year without access to their regular computer, and they purchase music/movies/apps from the iTunes Store, what happens if the device fails and has to be replaced or hard-reset, or if it's stolen? Apps can be re-downloaded, but what about music/movies? Would they be lost, or could your purchase be re-downloaded?
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    You'll have to wait until the next gen to see, IIRC, all current Touches ship with 2.2.1.

    Generally, no. iTunes works on the premise that you own a computer.
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    iPod Touches will probably not ship with 3.0 until September when a newer iPod Touch comes out.
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    First thing you see when turning on the iPod touch for the first time is the connect to iTunes screen. Also one of the system requirements specifically state a Mac or PC with a USB 2.0 port is required. It's definitely possible to set up a iTunes store account or sign in with an existing one, but the issue is that you can't even get it past the initial screen without connecting it to a computer with iTunes 8 or later.

    Apple assumes that you are independently backing up your purchased content, hence the backup option in iTunes on the computer. In rare cases iTunes Store billing support can re-grant a certain $ value of purchases but its usually a one-time deal. If you re-download everything to the iPod and it dies on you before you can transfer purchases then you're up the creek.
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