Resolved Activation Lock - question


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Jun 29, 2011
Tacoma, WA
I sold my Apple Watch Series 5 to a friend ... before I did so, I was absolutely sure that I both unlinked the watch fom my iCloud account, and factory reset the watch. My friend is getting an "Activation Lock" message saying that the watch is still linked to an iCloud account. When I go into, the watch is not listed under "My Devices".

Is my friend not doing something right, or is something still wrong on my end?



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Oct 3, 2017
Bumping this post. I’m selling my old series 3 and I can’t remember exactly how I wiped it, but it no longer shows up either on my Watch app or on my list of devices on my iCloud account. Am I good to go? It’s an LTE version so I’m certain I unlinked the LTE service when I unpaired it. I’ve never done this before so I want to make sure I do the right thing.
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