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    I am running El Capitan on both our Mac server and Mac Workstations. Both are connected to Active directory and OD (server is running OD). Right now I have it set so a user logs in using their ACTIVE DIRECTORY login info and the HOME is linked to their Active Directory home. However, There is no way to save to this from any app as you cannot select home. Is there a script that I can use with ELCAPITAN to symbolic link the users home folder to their DOCUMENTS on Active Directory so they can save to DOCUMENTS on MAC and it saves to their home folder on Active directory?

    I have been trying to get this to work for a while now and found some scripts online. All of them just give errors about the keychain or needing to fix some permissions. But the script never works correct.

    Any ideas how to get this working?

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    I personally would try to train users to navigate to the network home folder as-is. Otherwise you're looking at 1) dealing with Mobile Accounts (in AD you'd set a Profile Path rather than Home Path), or 2) tweaking every OS X user profile. Either way it's a bag of hurt.
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    I use the following script converted to an App using Platypus and then run at user login.

    chmod -R -N ~/Documents
    chmod -R -N ~/Desktop
    chmod -R -N ~/Movies
    chmod -R -N ~/Music
    chmod -R -N ~/Pictures
    rm -rf ~/Documents
    rm -rf ~/Desktop
    rm -rf ~/Movies
    rm -rf ~/Music
    rm -rf ~/Pictures
    mkdir "/Volumes/Homes/$USER/My Documents"
    ln -s "/Volumes/Homes/$USER/My Documents" ~/Documents
    mkdir "/Volumes/Homes/$USER/Desktop"
    ln -s "/Volumes/Homes/$USER/Desktop" ~/Desktop
    mkdir "/Volumes/Homes/$USER/My Documents/My Music"
    ln -s "/Volumes/Homes/$USER/My Documents/My Music" ~/Music
    mkdir "/Volumes/Homes/$USER/My Documents/My Pictures"
    ln -s "/Volumes/Homes/$USER/My Documents/My Pictures" ~/Pictures
    mkdir "/Volumes/Homes/$USER/My Documents/My Videos"
    ln -s "/Volumes/Homes/$USER/My Documents/My Videos" ~/Movies
    killall Finder
    osascript -e "set Volume 0"

    I also use another script / launch daemon to delete all local AD accounts/profiles on boot at the login screen.

    I also have another script that on boot copies a user profile layout i have defined to the local Default User Template so when an AD user logs in the IT Labs they get it all set as we require, giving the users a consistent setup no matter which Mac they login.

    We don't use mobile accounts

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