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Jul 14, 2007
Does anyone know if the health app and the apple watch are both tracking my steps and therefore double counting them?

Haven't noticed anything unusual, however, just a thought.

I know I can shut off the motion tracking on my phone, just don't know if that affects my watches tracking as well.

Anyone have insight on this?


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Sep 27, 2006
I recall reading John Gruber's review piece and he mentioned that the watch and iPhone cleverly combine motion data and don't duplicate records. So if you leave your watch off and carry your iPhone it adds motion data to your daily stats; if you carry both devices you only get one set of data.


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Jan 4, 2009
London, UK
Exactly, it definitely doesn't duplicate. What I believe happens is since you can set a priority for devices within the Health App for each measurement (ex. Steps, Workouts, etc), under Share Data, it will look at the time and if there were steps measured on two devices like the Watch and the iPhone at the same time, then it will take the priority devices' counts. I believe the Watch defaults to priority.
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