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Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by Dormammu, May 25, 2015.

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    Hey all. So far I'm loving my :apple:Watch. I've found myself looking more and more at the activity rings and I must admit that it is a nice challenge to try and fill those Riggs up every day! I've actually started running again (stopped years ago when I became injured) to try and fill up that green exercise ring!

    I understand that "exercise" is anything above a "brisk" walk. Is this determined by the accelerometer? Or the passive heart rate monitor?

    As for the red move ring; to fill this ring do I actually need to use the work out app? Say if I go jogging with the workout app running after the run I'd imagine that goes towards the move ring. What if I run without using the workout app?

    What have you all set your move goal to?
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    Any movement at all can count towards the Move goal, because thats just how many active calories you've burned. The Exercise goal I'm pretty sure is determined by a combination of heart rate and accelerometer, since with the 1.01 update my heart rate isn't being recorded as frequently (its a known bug) and I'm still getting exercise credit for walking fast.

    Bare in mind, I have calibrated the watch however, so it already knows when I'm walking fast just by my stride pattern, even if it can't properly measure my elevated heart rate.

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