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Discussion in 'macOS' started by macmagilla, May 21, 2012.

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    May 21, 2012
    Good morning. I hope this is the right forum.

    Several years ago, we attempted to bind our Macs to AD in our student computer labs. We had what I thought was a good system until the first day of school when kids logged in and tried to open various pieces of software and were prompted for the serial number. We reverted back to having a slew of local accounts (one per class section) but really wanted to get away from that for next fall.

    We are upgrading our lab to Lion iMacs this summer so we took one machine and did the following:

    Set it up with all software and local administrator account.

    Launched and entered serial numbers for all software under that account that required it.

    Created a generic student account in case network logins failed at some point

    Bound the machine to AD

    We logged in with a network student account and launched Vectorworks and it immediately prompted for the serial number. We have 10 licenses that are connected to a network dongle. The local administrator account on the box and the generic student account launch VW with no issues, but when kids log into the network with their AD credentials, they are prompted for the product key.

    We are going to have to once again revert to local accounts which we were so hoping we could get away from. Does anyone know if there is a way around this. We are not giving SNs to students even for one time entry and even if we did, the logistical nightmare will come when a kid doesn't get the same computer next time and is once again prompted for the SN.

    Thanks for any suggestions. We are strictly using desktops and binding them to AD with no Mac in between.
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    Try to make a central App Server with the applications the students can use. Plus get group liciensing when installing applications if all the students are going to use this program. Then just have each account auto mount the application drive when logging into their account.

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