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    I assume you have 230V, 50Hz AC. Since all Apple notebook adapters, including that one, handle anything from 100V to 240V and 50 or 60Hz, yes, it will work just fine.

    However, you will need the correct plug to snap into the brick so it fits your outlet, and the one in that photo doesn't seem to have one (maybe it's just not shown...). If it doesn't come with one and you have one left over from the one you lost (at least in the US, Apple ships them with both a compact foldable plug and an extension plug-cord, so you may have one or the other around), then just use that.

    If not, you're going to have to find/buy a plug for it. Apple sells a "world kit" with plug ends for pretty much every type, but that costs like $40 in the US so probably isn't worth it--go to a local Apple shop or check your online Apple Store and see if you can buy just the replacement plug.

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