Adapting to a PS4 Controller

Discussion in 'Console Games' started by monokitty, Aug 15, 2014.

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    I'm thinking of going mostly console for my gaming needs, and dumping computers (Mac/PC) as it's too cumbersome and expensive (in my opinion, anyway). I have no interest in having a dedicated gaming PC, plus my MacBook Pro, and replacing my MacBook Pro every year or refresh for a better GPU (and never a high-end GPU, either) isn't something I'm too keen on, either. I'm really interested in the PS4, and my only concern is adapting to a controller -- I have literally zero experience with a controller for the most part. I can see it being better in some aspects (driving games), and harder in others (first-person shooters). Is it difficult to adapt to a controller in your experiences? Beyond that minor concern, I really like the idea of a console.
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    Controller is great - after hating all previous Sony controllers this one actually feels great and I love it - not hard to adapt to at all
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    Completley understand :) Take a look at the different consoles and see whats the best fit.

    The beautiful thing about Consoles is they are a common denominator for about 8 years (based on last gen) gaming development, and with these current consoles only being 1 year old you will have a good amount of runway.

    I'd recommend taking a look at the kinds of games you play on the PC and make sure you pick the right one that fits your gaming needs.

    I've had a PS4, and in the last few months swapped for Xbox One. My reasons being all my friends play on Xbox One. While the hardware is more powerful on the PS4, it can be at times a lonely place to play.

    Good luck my friend!

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