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Discussion in 'iMac' started by ginopiazza49, Jul 8, 2009.

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    I recently purchased a Mac mini As you all know, the Mac mini has its power on button in the rear of the computer. Due to a stroke I am in a wheelchair and my right side is paralyzed. This means that I have to have my mother or brother turn on the Mac mini for me. Does anyone know of a push button type of device that I can use to power on, and off, my Mac mini? While "push button" would be nice, the powering on device can be a switch.

    I fully realize that I can leave the Mac mini running 24/7 which I do very often. However, during thunder storms I like to shut the Mac mini off entirely. I do not want to take any chances. I know of a few people (including me with my old Power Mac) who left their computers on during a thunder storm and their computers got zapped.

    I am hoping that one of you can help.
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    If you just put it to sleep the Apple Remote will wake it up.

    There is a Mac OS setting that will restart the machine after a power outage. So if you put it on a power strip - you should be able to do a hard shutdown (not recommended, but handy for a kernel panic).

    If you want to use the Mac mini power button you will have to open the case and wire in an external switch. There are mods of the older minis with this at
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    Getting a bluetooth keyboard and enabling bluetooth devices to wake the computer from sleep will also enable you to wake the computer. Sleeping the computer all the time instead of turning off is fine for the computer and the power drain is very low.

    I second the power strip + turn on after power failure option. That functions the same as a power button.
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    This might help half your problem

    This might help half your problem.

    Belkin makes a 8 plug power adapter that has a remote to switch off 6 of the ports. The remote switch looks like a modern light switch, and can be mounted on a wall or anywhere you like.

    The problem with this, is that you would be cutting power from the Mac rather than properly shutting it down. It might cause problems in the long run. So far, I have accidently bumped the loose fitting power adapter on my Mac Mini several times, cutting power. I never had problems on reboot, yet?

    The other problem with this solution is that when you return the power to the Mac, you're going to have reboot it from the power button on the back.

    This solution will probably only work for you to cut power to your Mac at the beginning of a storm.

    Any way, it looks like a cool piece of tech. I'm think of getting one but hooking up my Mac Mini and LCD to the two always-on plugs, then hooking up 6 external hard drives to the 6 controllable plugs since these hard drives don't have power buttons and are always glowing orange or blue.

    Here's the Link, on sale for $35.80 instead of $50 at Amazon
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    what about a plastic coat hanger/clothes hanger?
    you could reach behind it and pull the hanger toward you?

    maybe this isn't too helpful, just trying to help out.

    or maybe a lazy susan plate to swivel it? do you ever use the CD/DVD slot? could you turn the mini sideways to reach both sides rather than a front and backside?

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