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    Jun 19, 2011
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    I am using Firefox on my mac. It appears to have a type of virus, in that the pages, have various highlighted words or phrases. I have tried to find an ad-aware removal program, but failed. I was going to uninstall firefox & use safari (or use safari to download it again) But safari WILL NOT BOOT at all.

    I have heard the arguments that macs dont have adaware, but this is doing a good impression of adaware if it isn't.

    I could do a screen shot, but dont know how to put that ONTO here.

    any help much appreciated.
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    What you my have read is that there don't seem to be any active viruses for the Mac out there at this point, but there certainly is adware and malware.

    Try using this adware removal tool. You may have inadvertently installed some adware along with an app or extension.

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