adblock for Safari with ipad 3


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May 20, 2012
Disgusted with the ads on Safari, I saw references to adblock for safari (there is an adblock in the app store but I think it was the former people were referring to), I went to the using safari and clicked on the adblock but there was the message "IOS not supported" on a blue button which I did not press (remembering Alice in Wonderland who came across little bottles saying 'drink me' which led to bad things happening to poor Alice!!)

So I wonder if this means that it is not yet available for ios 5.1?

Would appreciate info on this. I am shocked by the number of ads that appear in the seach material when I google on how to do some ipad thing, for example (I am new to apple). Every response is a paid service or a paid magazine. There is the beginning of an answer and then when I click it turns out to be a service you have to pay for to get the rest of the info (I wanted to know how to use the camera. It IS a big thing, this Ipad, not a cell phone, so I wondered how people take photos but I was not going to find out without money changing hands!).

I tried the same thing on my win 7 maching using IE and did not have any of this (though I did not find much either on photo taking other than ones own face -- can't believe such a savvy camera exists only to photograph the ipad owner).

Even the material on Apple support was not useful and one youtube video said I had to purchase an iphone to use the camera (What??). So anyway, I wanted to try the ad blocker but could not get to it. Maybe I went to the wrong place, but I knew better than to google a question on this in Safari!

Thanks for any help on this.


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Nov 10, 2010
"I am shocked by the number of ads that appear in the seach material when I google"

Your blaming this on Safari when it's Google that is serving up the ads. Place the blame on Google not Apple.
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