Add a line, additional I4 on my plan?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by AuroraProject, Dec 5, 2010.

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    I currently have an i4 with the $59 900 minute plan, unlimited text and unlimited data (grandfathered). I want to get my girlfriend an i4 and pay for it on my account by switching to a family talk plan. A few questions on that:

    Will I get the i4 at the subsidized price or will I have to pay full retail?
    Can the two phones share the unlimited text plan?
    Can the two phones share the unlimited data plan?

    I assume we can share the text plan, but probably not the data plan. Any info is helpful, thanks!
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    You can only share texts if you have the family unlimited texting plan. Every iPhone has to have its own data plan, and since you're switching to a family plan, your data plan may not be grandfathered anymore and you might be forced to choose on of the tiered data plans (not sure about that, though).

    Your 900 minute, $59 will disappear in favor of one of these:

    • 550 shared minutes for $59.99
    • 700 shared minutes for $69.99
    • 1400 shared minutes for $89.99
    • 2100 shared minutes for $109.99
    • Unlimited shared minutes for $199.99

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