Add a passcode to your ATT iPhone account or risk ID theft


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Mar 17, 2011
Word to the wise...if you have iPhones on an AT&T plan (or probably any other plan) and have not already done so, update your account with a secret passcode. I did not, and someone usurped my account by purchasing three shiny new 6's under my account at the Apple store.

It started when my wife noticed her iPhone 5 lost its service. I did some playing with the sim card, rebooted, etc to no avail. Then my daughter informed me her 4s didn't have service either, so I called ATT figuring something was up with the account. The guy couldn't find anything wrong and said "all your iPhone 6's seem to be in working order after you upgraded".


It was then that I noticed three of our phones were listed as iPhone 6's on the ATT account page. Apparently someone walked into an Apple store with my last name and last 4 soc digits, asked for upgrades, paid just the tax, and charged the rest to my account.

The problem was relatively easily resolved by ATT, backing out the upgrade and providing me with three new sim cards, and I updated my account with a passcode. But what really blew my mind is that a)the ATT guy could not tell me WHERE the Apple store was that this happened, and b)he said this happens often in Apple stores, but rarely at ATT stores because the ATT guys do a lot more to check identities before a purchase.

Live and learn. No charges were my responsibility and all was quickly back to normal. But it makes me wonder how often this happens and how much it affects Apple's sales figures.
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