Add a song without plugging into computer?

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    The one thing I rarely use my phone for is Music so I am not well versed in using the Music app...and I thought it alleviated the need to manually sync now? My situation is, I have a song on my computer (an edited version of a song for my kid's dance competition) and I need it on my phone, her iPod and my husband's iPhone so that whoever's device is with her near a practice location, has the correct edited song. I have the song on my phone, and for the life of me, I cannot remember if I manually synced it from the computer or not.

    Is there a way for me to get the song to everyone else's devices without plugging them into the computer?None of their devices have ever been synced to my computer (my kid's iPod has never been synced to any computer at all) so I would rather not start now. We have an Apple Music family membership if that helps in any way.
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    The only way I can think is to add it to each of the users' iCloud music libraries - create user accounts for them on your computer and log into iTunes with their iCloud account details. You can then add the song to their own iCloud music library and it will be available on their devices

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