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Aug 22, 2006
I have a DIY Fusion setup with the internal SSD and drive.
The man page of diskutil seems to say that corestorage can be used to add device/drive later to the pool.
I guess it is like LVM on Linux for instance.

CoreStorage maintains a world of virtual disks, somewhat like RAID, in which one can easily add or remove imported backing store disks, as well as exported usable volumes, to or from a pool (or several pools).

Anybody already figured out if it would be possible to add an additional drive to the existing LVG without destroying it and lose data?

I'd like to add an external drive on USB or Firewire to the LVG to extend its capacity from 1.1TB to 2TB or 3TB without having to go through that wonderful Fusion drive/OSX recovery over the internet process.
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